About Us

GIRLS THAT MOTO LTD was founded by WMX British & World motocross racer Lauren May Collingwood. 

The company was created to highlight the women of the sport, to help push, promote and empower the next generation of female motocross athletes. Lauren has competed in motocross since the age of 6 years old, has won many domestic championships, 5 Girls British Championships as well as competing internationally in European championships and getting great results!

She currently competes at British level and also in the women's world motocross championships. Her aim when creating GIRLS THAT MOTO was to bring a whole new perspective on female motocross by getting the girls support with their racing & sponsorship deals from top companies such as FXR MOTO EUROPE, MUK JUNKIE, SM GRAFFIX, DK OFF ROAD & much more!

As females in a male dominated sport, Lauren decided to create a supportive environment where women & girls can thrive & feel more comfortable within their sport that is why she created the ALL GIRLS RIDE DAYS!

As well as ride days Lauren offers her ALL GIRLS TRAINING SCHOOL, where she travels all over the UK at different venues teaching girls the ropes of the sport. This has been the FIRST EVER ALL GIRLS TRAINING SCHOOL IN THE UK!

If you would like to enquire about joining the training school or any more info on our ride days please feel free to get in touch!


13th April 2022 @ GaleCommon MotoParc

We are a all female Moto event day, we are here to empower women and help pursue their career in a prodomenantly male sport!

Private Coaching Track Session @Moto45

We have private coaching sessions to impove on and off the bike, to bring more skill and confidence to each rider.

All Female Session @GaleCommonMotoParc

We are child friendly! 

We have specific group sessions with the younger ones to help perfect their talent.

We want to push our childrens potential to the fullest! 

Group coaching / 1 TO 1'S

We offer academy group coaching sessions two days per month. These are based in the north / midlands and selected dates in the south. Our coaching days are for any age & ability, helping you improve your technique on your bike and become a better racer. If you are interested in our coaching days feel free to fill in our contact form & we will get back to you.